Narley Boiz is a group from Atlanta, Georgia that consists of brothers Parish & Young. They pushed the boundaries with different concepts; not afraid to try new sounds and explore themselves as artists. Coming from a city where music is heavy, they used those influences to maintain their drive, creativity with their music and visuals, and to develop their own personal style and versatility.  Narley Boiz has won several showcases and open mic contest around the city, which started to create a solid buzz for them.  They started their career off strong with the street hit "Wrist Work" and R&B single "Role Play”, which gained them mixtape placements hosted by various well-known DJs and major artist.  This solidified the group as a contender in the Atlanta hip hop scene. 

Narley Boiz quickly began to move up the underground charts becoming #1 For Rap in Atlanta (According to Charts). They have performed at several clubs and events such as: Club Mangos (South Beach, FL), Club Bankhead (Atlanta, GA), Chit Chat (Decatur, GA), and V-103 Keys 2 the City Music Conference.  They have also collaborated with several major artists that include: Juney Boomdata, Bohagon, and Charlie Boy Gang, just to name a few. After constantly creating good music, Narley Boiz was brought to the attention of Hip Hop legend Khujo Goodie (Goodie Mob) who took them under his wing, acting as mentor and big brother figure to the group- they are now under the management of Harmony with Behind the Dreamz.


These brothers are constantly in the studio working hard to perfect their craft.  Their new singles “Money” and “This Is Hip Hop” will be sure turn “Narley Boiz” into a household name around the country.